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Che Taylor


In the wake of yet another shooting death of a Black Man by Police officers, many of us find ourselves disgusted and outraged! Although, our outrage and disgust is warranted at what we are forced to witness day in and day out in regards to what appears to be a witch hunt for our Black Men and Boys, that is not the topic that I have chosen for this piece. “ALL LIVES MATTER” is what the media and the rest of America, begin to say instead of the original declaration coined by African American Activists and Protesters that were led to action after the senseless deaths, homicides, and injustices of unarmed Black Boys and Men in America at the hands of White men, and Police Officers. Their explanation and reasoning for basically subverting the Black Lives Movement was that, “ALL LIVES MATTERED, NOT JUST BLACK LIVES” and that although they understood and were just as outraged by what has taken place ALL LIVES MATTER, and NOT JUST BLACK LIVES. As if to imply equality and overall general care, concern, and compassion for every man, not just the men of your own race. And all of that sounded great! Many, that have a heart to see peace and unity, although torn and outraged by what we are experiencing, we too want to see peace and unity. Therefore, many shifted from the Black Lives Matter movement over to the ALL LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT in heart. Meaning that we didn’t allow our emotions to override our actions, realizing that at the end of the day, nobody deserves to be gunned down like a dog in the streets, right? I mean really, I need to understand this?

The very same people that were declaring in agreement that ALL LIVES MATTER, and chose to use that phrase in the media instead of the original declaration BLACK LIVES MATTER, don’t have an issue with describing a dead man as a felon, before you even find out his first name? I don’t care who you are or what you do whether it be job or personal, we all have a level of accountability to the truth and righteousness in this world. Especially those of us that have been blessed with the gift of influence whether it be on our jobs or personally, whether you are a journalist or a school teacher, you have a responsibility and an obligation to integrity and unity, and keeping the bond of peace amongst your fellow man. However, many have chosen to use their gift of influence to stir an already seething pot! We are not denying nor are we minimizing the fact that Che Taylor had been previously charged, convicted, and spent 25yrs in prison for several felonies, however, I refuse to refer to Mr. Taylor as “THE FELON”, or even A FELON” for that matter, being convicted of several felonies was a part of His past, but BEFORE he committed those felonies, he was a son, a man, another human being, a fellow citizen, and so many other things before he was ever convicted of a felony in Washington State or abroad. So, why would anyone’s description of him be a felon, and if it is someone in the position of the media, which is a pivotal point of influence for the community, and world that we live in. What is the agenda and motive for anyone that slanders someone’s name and defames their character to complete strangers? Not just any someone, but especially a deceased man? Every news outlet that I turned on to find out information on the incident continued to identify Mr. Taylor, as the FELON. Every social news MEDIA site that was his name in their articles as well, Mr. Taylor is referred to as the FELON.

This is an outrage! Not just to those that love and care for Mr. Taylor, but it should be for every single American in the US. You don’t do something for nothing, meaning there is a method to a person’s madness when they take this approach. That of defaming and individual before even, the listeners even know the full details of the incident. It is to desensitize, dehumanize, and minimize the impact of those of us on the outside looking, on the inhumane senseless act that has just occurred. By describing an individual by their actions, especially by their untowardly frowned upon by society actions, is to stack the deck, right? manipulate and control the emotions of the hearer. It’s to say that because Mr. Taylor had committed, and been convicted of felony crimes, he deserved to be dead, right? It is to say that because Mr. Taylor was convicted of a several felonies, and served his time for those felonies, might I add25yrs! It’s to say that his mother, and his family does not deserve the compassion, care and concern that the mother, and family of a NON-FELON does, right? Basically, it is to say that, ALL LIVES MATTERS, except FELONS, right? It is to say it was justified, before even knowing the details, right? America what have we become? It is a sad day when those that took an oath to report the truth, have begun to be the biggest catalyst for the lie? What if this was your son, or brother that had been killed, and before the news reported his name, and the details of the incident, or before expressing their condolences for the loss of another human being, they said “The homosexual was murdered, or the child molester, or the drunk, or the rapist, transgender, or the liar, or the prostitute, or the addict, or the thief, and the list goes on, before they reported the full story, before the family was notified, before the verdict was in the have already found them guilty. Guilty of being a worthless member of society, not even worthy of a “that’s so sad” from their fellow man, because of the things that they had done in the past? What if it was you?

Yes, ALL LIVES DO MATTER, however that is more than just a catchy declaration used by White America to subvert the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT, it is the motto that our Country was framed upon. ALL LIVES MATTER, One Nation Under God Indivisible with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL. We all have a duty and to uphold this pledged allegiance to one another! Injustice and hypocrisy are running rampant, and the moral fabric of this country is eroding more and more each day. It is a sad day in America when another one of our own is gunned down in the street, and we rejoice instead of weep! America is now a melting pot of all kinds of different races, religions, nationalities, and belief systems; that’s what makes it America, and though there are many differences between us, there is only ONE God above us, and HE IS THE ONE that they had in mind when they penned those Words to the Constitution that we all are required to adhere to, and TO HIM ALONE we will all give and account on Judgment day for our deeds done in this body, be they good or bad, and AN ACCOUNT of every IDLE (dead, inoperable) word that we have rolled off of our lips be it in work or play.

In closing, we all should ponder this: if the media and officers don’t have an issue with Mr. Taylor being identified and described as THE FELON, I gather the will be no issues with the officers being identified and described as THE KILLERS? I offer my deepest, and warmest heartfelt condolences to CHE Taylor’s family and loved ones, and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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