• Chardonnay Dior Beaver is a Senior, who attends Garfield High School. She has been in student government for 3 consecutive years as president and has served as All Student Body President 2018-2019.
    Chardonnay is one of the founding members of New Generation Activists Group.

    She will be attending the University of Washington this fall
    On a Full ride scholarship, Following her older sister Moet Redd Beaver.
    Her studies will consist of  Political Science/ African American Studies. She plans on being an attorney or political strategist.

    She is the recipient of the Links, Delta, Black Educators, Golden Grads, YMCA, Mt Baker MLK scholarships, to name several.

    On June 14. 2019. Chardonnay will be graduating at memorial stadium @ 8 pm, wearing her gold honor cords.

    Congratulations Chardonnay Dior Beaver , We are all so very proud of you.